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Truffle Carpaccio in Olive Oil

from Italy by Urbani
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Truffle Carpaccio in Olive Oil

Not only is the delicate fragrance that characterized the summer truffle captured in this unique selection, but, when finely sliced, it also meets an aesthetic demand made by haute cuisine, as the unmistakable black color of this valuable tuber makes for a wonderful accent. These sliced truffles in olive oil can also be used as a condiment for fresh or dried pasta, savory second courses and all those dishes that traditionally call for the summer truffle.
Ingredients: Bagnoli black truffle slices (tuber mesentericum vitt) 50%, extra virgin olive oil, salt, aromas.
Storage: room temperature
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Truffles: Preserved Truffles
Truffles by Color: Black Truffles
Truffle Season: Winter
Truffle Origin: Italian Truffles
Truffle Species: Tuber Mesentericum Vitt

Product Reviews

Amazing texture, flavor and aroma. Love it!
Joanna from Hamden, CT

Questions and Answers

Q:is there any artificial truffle flavoring in this product? I find the artificial flavoring too cloying, and it's very hard to find any truffle products anymore that don't have that in them. Thanks!
A:They do list "aromas" as an ingredient, so it's possible that aromas is an artificial ingredient.  They don't specify, and they aren't required to on this product.  I would imagine it probably is, since whenever you preserve a truffle they do lose a lot of their original aroma.  I have had this product though, and do enjoy it.  It does have a decent truffle flavor compared to other preserved truffle products.
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