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French Bayonne Ham - Boneless

from France by Delpeyrat
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
1 piece, 13 lbs chilled $44.37 $576.81
2 pieces, 13 lbs ea chilled $39.92 $1037.92

French Bayonne Ham - Boneless

Bayonne Ham is a revered and protected air-cured ham produced in the heart of France's Basque Country. For many years it was available only in Europe, but recently producer Delpeyrat began exporting this delicacy to US markets, allowing you to enjoy it without catching a plane to France! Think of it as a sort of French prosciutto: tender, pink, buttery and mild, with a hint of saltiness, it's been deboned for your convenience, allowing you to slice it easily into wafer-thin pieces. Serve on meat platters and cheeseboards and be sure to grab a few pieces for yourself - guests will gobble this up quickly!

Bayonne ham is made by Delpeyrat. Founded in 1890, this French delicatessen company offers a wide range of gourmet meats to European and US markets, including foie gras, smoked salmon and specialty hams, always adhering to strict quality standards and meticulous artisan recipes.

Ingredients: ham, salt
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Smoked/Cured Meats: Specialty Hams
Origin: France

Product Reviews

Mammie from Portland, OR
Anonymous User from
This is the most wonderful ham I have ever had, it was like a 13 lb. piece of Prosciutto with full flavor throughout with just a hint of saltiness. The boneless ham made slicing easy. I will buy again.
Steven from Morrisville, MO

Questions and Answers

Q:How long can you keep it in the refrigerator, we live in florida
A:The shelf life of the French Bayonne Ham will be around 3-4 months kept refrigerated.
Q:Boneless ham weight?
A:The weight range is 11 - 15 lbs.

Product Pricing and Weight Specifications

This product is priced by the lb. shipped, and you will be charged based on the actual weight of the item shipped, by the price per lb for the product. The total price your shopping cart shows is an estimated charge. You will not be charged until the product ships, based on the weight that is shipped. The chart below shows estimated weight ranges and actual prices per lb. for this item.

Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
2030601 1 piece, 13 lbs 11.00 lbs. - 15.00 lbs. $44.37
2030601 1 piece, 13 lbs 11.00 lbs. - 15.00 lbs. $44.37
2030602 2 pieces, 13 lbs ea 22.00 lbs. - 30.00 lbs. $39.92
2030602 2 pieces, 13 lbs ea 22.00 lbs. - 30.00 lbs. $39.92
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