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Cooked Octopus Legs

from Spain by Alfrio
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Cooked Octopus Legs

Gourmet octopus legs from Alfrio are wild-caught off the coast of Spain. Tumbled in a boiling pot of sea salt and water until they achieve a refreshingly tender texture, these legs offer a subtly sweet and briny flavor. Carefully cooked our legs require no prep work, simply thaw, slice, and enjoy or heat on the grill and sprinkle with sea salt and paprika for a classic Spanish preparation. Quick, easy, versatile, and delicious, you’ll want to keep a few packages of these delightfully cooked octopus legs on hand at all times!

Prepared in many special ways, octopus is a versatile ingredient. From mains to sides and everything in between, there are a million different and delicious ways to serve octopus. Already frozen and cooked, get all the delightful taste and texture of perfectly prepared octopus legs with none of the prep work. Octopus is one of the rare foods that benefit from being frozen. So while you can buy raw or cooked octopus, it’s probably been frozen either way. Freezing octopus breaks the fibers within it, resulting in a more tender bite.

Caught off the coast of Spain, Alfrio only offers the best-tasting octopus. Thanks to a nutrient-rich diet of shrimp and clams, octopi living near the Spanish coast are far richer compared to those that live in deep water. Considered some of the best the ocean has to offer, you must try them for yourself today! A gorgeous shade of plum, their organic shape makes a beautiful addition to every dish and takes your plating from mediocre to Michelin-level.

Ingredients: Octopus. May contain traces of fish and crustaceans
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

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