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Fresh White Truffles - Italian Alba Winter Truffles

from Italy by
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
1 oz chilled $7,197.61 $431.86 1811101
2 oz chilled $7,197.61 $863.71 1811114
1/4 lb chilled $7,179.61 $1794.90 1811102
1/2 lb chilled $7,179.61 $3589.80 1811103
1 lb chilled $7,179.61 $7179.61 1811115

Fresh White Truffles - Italian Alba Winter Truffles

Available by pre-order - 4 to 7 business days.

Every morning in the frosty winter dawn in Italy, truffle hunters and their trusted dogs set out to gather the most elusive and delicious of all fresh truffles: the Italian white truffle from Alba, tuber Magnatum Pico. With its intoxicating scent and luxurious flavor, it will inspires your best dishes. The rare Alba is only available for an exquisitely short season, which means once the season starts we hurry to plan our truffle menus.

New shipments arrive twice a week so you get the freshest, most aromatic truffle possible.

Savor these beauts over risotto, eggs, pasta and even mashed potatoes. Use these fresh white truffles as the final touch of a dish, no cooking required, since the bulk of their flavor lies in the strong scent that would be destroyed by heat. Slice them paper-thin (don't forget the truffle slicer!) and use them to finish off a preparation. The heat of the dish will bring out the intense aroma of the winter white truffle for a fabulous effect.

NOTE: Fresh white truffles are charged based on the actual weight shipped. The price of Italian white truffles can change weekly, and you will be charged based on the prevailing price the week your order ships.


Storage: tightly wrapped and refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Types of Truffles: Fresh Truffles
Truffles by Color: White Truffles
Truffle Season: Winter
Truffle Origin: Italian Truffles
Truffle Species: Tuber Magnatum Pico

Product Reviews

fredrick from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Very nice quality
Russ from Patterson, NY
Frickin awesome!!! Three small truffles full of flavor and aroma. The package was delivered to my office; the floor still refers to it as the truffle office (with the beautiful bouquet). Made mushroom risotto that evening -- smashing success.
Richard from Honolulu, HI
Very aromatic but lacked flavor I'm used to with white truffles. Maybe they were a little older than they should have been? I don't know, but I doubt I'd order them again from here. Other things I've ordered form this store have been great.
ed from Boyds, MD
Delicious white truffle! I can't wait to order them again.
Karen from

Questions and Answers

Q:what is best was to shave the white truffle?
A:It is best to shave truffles into paper-thin wedges or strips, to maximize the truffle flavor while using the least amount of the ingredient as possible. Truffles should be sliced using a truffle shaver. White truffles should be shaved on the top of the hot dish, as the end of the preparation.
Q:What is the shelf lfe if a fresh white truffle?
A:Fresh truffles should be used as soon as possible upon receipt, ideally right away. Fresh truffles can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days, after which they start losing their flavor.
Q:How long are white truffles available for? Thank you, Lorry
A:The availability of the white truffles depends on the weather in Northern Italy, where they are harvested from. Their season can last from October up until December/January if it is a good year for truffles.

Product Pricing and Weight Specifications

This product is priced by the lb. shipped, and you will be charged based on the actual weight of the item shipped, by the price per lb for the product. The total price your shopping cart shows is an estimated charge. You will not be charged until the product ships, based on the weight that is shipped. The chart below shows estimated weight ranges and actual prices per lb. for this item.

Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
1811101 1 oz 0.05 lbs. - 0.07 lbs. $7,197.61
1811101 1 oz 0.05 lbs. - 0.07 lbs. $7,197.61
1811114 2 oz 0.10 lbs. - 0.14 lbs. $7,197.61
1811114 2 oz 0.10 lbs. - 0.14 lbs. $7,197.61
1811102 1/4 lb 0.23 lbs. - 0.27 lbs. $7,179.61
1811102 1/4 lb 0.23 lbs. - 0.27 lbs. $7,179.61
1811103 1/2 lb 0.47 lbs. - 0.53 lbs. $7,179.61
1811103 1/2 lb 0.47 lbs. - 0.53 lbs. $7,179.61
1811115 1 lb 0.90 lbs. - 1.10 lbs. $7,179.61
1811115 1 lb 0.90 lbs. - 1.10 lbs. $7,179.61
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