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» » » Fresh Black Winter Perigord Truffles from France
Fresh Black Winter Truffles For Sale | Gourmet Food Store

Fresh Black Winter Perigord Truffles from France

from France by GourmetFoodStore.com
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small - 1 oz chilled $1,600.00 $100.00
small - 1/4 lb chilled $1,452.00 $363.00
small - 1/2 lb chilled $1,364.00 $682.00
medium - 1 ozs chilled $1,760.00 $110.00
medium - 1/4 lb chilled $1,500.00 $375.00
medium - 1/2 lb chilled $1,390.00 $695.00
large - 1.44 oz chilled $2,560.00 $160.00
large - 1/4 lbs chilled $1,720.00 $440.00
large - 1/2 lbs chilled $1,610.00 $805.00

About Fresh Black Winter Perigord Truffles from France

Our expert trifolai - truffle hunters - delve deep into the forests of France's Perigord region to find these fresh Winter Black truffles, a highly sought-after delicacy prized by chefs and food lovers alike. Incomparable in flavor and aroma, brush carefully and peel these tuberose gems and then slice over dishes to release their full potency. Create the most aromatic black truffle omelets, go traditional with a delicious steak with black truffle sauce, or create wild dishes like black truffle mashed potatoes (so easy, just mash white potatoes, add some butter, half and half and truffle oil, chop in some black truffle and serve).

Our fresh French truffles are for sale only during the season, so don't wait to place orders!

Instructions for use and storage: Don't cook for long periods of time or excessive heat. Store in the refrigerator wrapped in moist paper towel.

Current truffle per piece sizes are approximately as follows:

  • Small Size: 0.04 - 0.08 lbs. ea.
  • Medium Size: 0.05 - 0.07 lbs. ea.
  • Large Size: 0.08 - 0.11 lbs. ea.
  • Colossal Size: not available yet

Availability Details: Fresh truffles are delivered to us twice weekly from Italy. Prices listed can only be guaranteed for orders shipped out ASAP. Prices can update each week. Orders for fresh truffles placed with a requested future delivery date, will be charged based on the prevailing price for the week the truffles ship. With all fresh truffle products you are charged based on the actual weight shipped.

Storage: tightly wrapped and refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

Product Reviews
(5.00)   # of Ratings: 3Log in to rate this item.
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1. morag on 2/16/2017, said:
Fabulous and decadent!
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2. Mary Ann on 1/25/2017, said:
good - butnot as good as first order which were fabulous.
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3. Gloria on 1/14/2017, said:
We first bought a black truffle at a street market in Paris and were hooked. In Indiana, a truffle is a chocolate candy only. How fortunate we were to get your truffles. They are even better than the ones we had in France. Thank you for having them.
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Showing comments 1-3 of 3
Product Questions And Answers
*Product Pricing and Weight Specifications

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1811301 small - 1 oz 0.04 lbs. - 0.08 lbs. $1,600.00
1811302 small - 1/4 lb 0.23 lbs. - 0.27 lbs. $1,452.00
1811303 small - 1/2 lb 0.47 lbs. - 0.53 lbs. $1,364.00
1811304 medium - 1 ozs 0.05 lbs. - 0.07 lbs. $1,760.00
1811305 medium - 1/4 lb 0.23 lbs. - 0.27 lbs. $1,500.00
1811306 medium - 1/2 lb 0.47 lbs. - 0.53 lbs. $1,390.00
1811307 large - 1.44 oz 0.07 lbs. - 0.11 lbs. $2,560.00
1811308 large - 1/4 lbs 0.23 lbs. - 0.27 lbs. $1,720.00
1811309 large - 1/2 lbs 0.47 lbs. - 0.53 lbs. $1,610.00
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