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Venison Strip Loin, Full

Venison Strip Loin, Full

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
5 lbs frozen $28.75 $143.75 2020101
5 x 5 lbs frozen $24.31 $607.75 2020102

Venison Strip Loin, Full

Our premium Cervena Venison strip loin is tender, boneless, and ultra-flavorful. Carefully hand-trimmed and cleaned, our strip loins have all their surface membranes and silver skin removed, so you’re left with 100% yield! A versatile cut the strip loin can easily be roasted whole or fabricated into delicate medallions or hefty fillets depending on your preference.

Our Cervena certified Venison is sourced from the lush grasslands of New Zealand’s verdant countryside. Grass-fed and finished, the deer are never administered any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants. Allowed to graze freely on abundant pasture lands, the rule of thumb for Cervena farmers, is an entire acre per animal, giving them plenty of room to grow and mature the natural way. From pasture to plate, the Cervena program is fully integrated, requiring farmers to follow a strict set of rules regarding how the deer are raised, what they're fed, and how they’re transported, processed, and finally sold onto the marketplace.

The highest quality possible, our Cervena strip loin from Broadleaf, is an excellent example of venison at its best! A lean meat, venison is best cooked to medium-rare or rare. This ensures a tender and succulent texture, and allows its full flavors to shine! Cervena Venison’s rich flavor profile is complemented by strong spice combinations and flavorings. An all-season meat, this delightful cut is available year-round, and is equally delicious when served alongside peak-season fruits as it is when accompanied by autumnal combinations of root vegetables and tubers. Try this fantastically flavorful meat for yourself today and taste the Southern Hemisphere’s favorite game meat!

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