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Cervena Venison NY Strip Loin

Cervena Venison New York Strip Loin

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
2 lbs chilled $31.34 $62.68 2032001
2 lbs frozen $25.61 $51.22
10 x 2 lbs chilled $26.66 $533.20 2032003
10 x 2 lbs frozen $21.50 $430.00

Cervena Venison New York Strip Loin

A bold piece of meat to bring to any table, our Cervena Venison New York Strip Loin can be roasted and served whole as an impressive presentation piece, or cut into smaller NY strips. Since it's derived from premium Cervena Venison red deer that are free-range, grass fed and under 3 years old, it has wonderfully rich, succulent and tender profile. Unlike wild deer, its flavor is mild rather than gamey, with a delicateness that sets it apart from many other red meats. Since it's also naturally lean (with around one fifth the fat of regular beef) and rich in protein, venison offers a healthy substitute for other red meats.

Unless it's being used for stews, braises and slow-cooked meals, we recommend cooking this cut no more than medium-rare, since it can dry out and become tough very easily. It does not require a ton of seasoning, as the deer enjoy a natural diet rich in verdant grasses, fruits and nuts that infuse the meat with flavor. However, a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper will help give it a nice crust during searing.

This product is distributed by Broadleaf Game, one of America's premier suppliers of specialty meats. Based near Los Angeles, California, they source their meats from the finest farms and pastures around the world, offering such fantastic quality meats as Australian Wagyu beef, Texas Wild Boar and New Zealand Venison. These meats come from animals raised under strict quality requirements, with a humane lifestyle and a diet free from chemicals, hormones or steroids, ensuring that you always receive a sustainable, first-rate product to serve on the dinner table.

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2032002 2 lbs 1.75 lbs. - 2.25 lbs. $25.61
2032003 10 x 2 lbs 17.50 lbs. - 22.50 lbs. $26.66
2032004 10 x 2 lbs 17.50 lbs. - 22.50 lbs. $21.50


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