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Sea Salt with Black Summer Truffles

from Italy by Tealdi
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Sea Salt with Black Summer Truffles

In alchemy, sodium chloride is the vehicle through which other ingredients come together and transcend to a higher dimension. In gastronomy, too, salt has an almost spellbinding ability to boost flavor to positive effect. It’s the Philosopher’s Stone of cooking, turning almost any food into gold. No wonder the Romans once used it as currency!

This particular sea salt is even more extraordinary because of a secret seasoning imbued with elements of the earth: the summer black truffle. Truffles have been used in Europe as a delicacy for centuries, but today they’re so rare and difficult to harvest, gourmet chefs battle it out to obtain them at auctions. The summer black truffle has a subtle, earthy flavor, and when ground to fine pieces, it adds a touch of umami to this Italian sea salt, giving flavors of both the ocean and the land. Packaged in a jar to conserve those flavors, it’s sure to add a tasty finish to any meal, but we especially recommend adding it to eggs, pasta, pate or foie gras.

Ingredients: Salt, summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum), flavoring.
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Product Types: Truffle Salt
Truffle Brands: Tealdi
Origin: Italy

Product Reviews

needs to be refrigerated after opening!
Francine from New Canaan, CT
Very flavorful and packs a punch.
Swan from New York, NY
Touch of class
Jane from Lakeville, MN

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Sea Salt with Black Summer Truffles Recipes

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