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Rendered Duck Fat

by Broadleaf
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Rendered Duck Fat

A classic French staple and the secret ingredient behind every great chef, rendered duck fat, is a rich and luxurious cooking fat that imbues foods with rich and decadent flavor and helps them achieve a crisp and beautifully golden exterior. Enhancing anything and everything it touches, our perfectly rendered duck fat is convenient and ready to add to all your favorite dishes. So whether you’re sautéing, baking, or making sauces, the unique flavor and silky quality of our gourmet rendered duck fat from Broadleaf will transform your recipes and your cooking!

The epicure's delight, rendered duck fat is a chef favorite for its ability to nicely crisp foods and add its singularly delicious taste to dishes. Easy to use, rendered duck fat can replace any other cooking fat you would normally use. Use it to sauté vegetables like potatoes, paint it onto your chickens prior to roasting, or add a tablespoon or two to your pie dough to add rich flavor! Easy to use and approachable, rendered duck fat keeps well in the refrigerator for months, but can also be frozen. With its exceptional taste and lengthy shelf-life, rendered duck fat is a pantry staple for every good restaurant and a highly recommended addition to your home kitchen.

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