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Finochhiona Dry Salami

Finocchiona Dry Salami

from United States by Red Bear Provisions
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Finocchiona Dry Salami

A Tuscan classic, Finocchiona is a fennel flavored pork salami. Named for the herb that flavors it, fennel or ‘finocchio’, cuts through the rich and fatty character of pork, adding flavor and balance. A simple yet effective combination of savory luscious pork, fatback, and expertly applied spices, work in tandem to produce a traditional cured meat you and all your guests are sure to enjoy. This dry salami from Red Bear Provisions is made from 100% pasture-raised heritage Berkshire pork. Coarsely ground and combined with fennel seeds, crushed sea salt, and black pepper, it's cured anywhere from five months to an entire year to achieve the nuanced taste and sliceable texture that has made Finocchiona a popular favorite all over the world.

One of Italy’s most famous cured meats, Finocchiona is not only loved for its taste but also its colorful origin story. It’s said that the first Finocchiona was accidentally created when a thief who had stolen a link of fresh salami hid it in a stand of wild fennel. The fresh herb naturally infused the meat as it was curing, and when the thief returned and tasted it he was so impressed by the complexity of flavor it had absorbed that he shared his method of creation with everyone he knew, and thus the first Finocchiona was made.

Available in delicate 6-ounce ‘chubs,’ these relatively thin rolls of salami are shaped so they are easy to slice at home. Get beautifully thin slivers or a perfectly uniform dice to throw into recipes for a kick of savory flavor. Merging a host of intense flavors into one beautiful taste, this salami is great in a wide range of gastronomic pursuits. Throw into soups and stews for added flavor, garnish nachos and pizzas, or add it to your next cheese or charcuterie grazing plate. With limitless possibilities and singularly delightful taste, we know you’re going to love everything about this traditional Tuscan salami from Red Bear Provisions.

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