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Cassis (Blackcurrant), IQF, Whole, Frozen

from France by Ravifruit
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Cassis (Blackcurrant), IQF, Whole, Frozen

Enjoy the tart taste of blackcurrants at their best with these whole IQF cassis! Easily add a bold purple color to recipes and the complex yet bright profile of this uniquely delicious berry. The perfect addition to smoothies, desserts, jellies, savory preparations, and cocktails, you’ll be surprised by the range of this versatile fruit.

Delicious and bursting with nutrients, our whole blackcurrants are carefully selected and harvested at their peak. Individually quick freezing (IQF) beautifully preserves the color, flavor, and texture of fruits, allowing you to experience them in every season.

Ravifruit is at the forefront of the frozen fruit industry, having garnered a devoted fanbase of chefs and gourmands thanks to their consistently high quality. Fruit experts, they carefully choose the origins and varieties that are best for freezing. Their IQF fruit retains the natural flavor and texture of fruit picked when fully ripe. Their range comes from the Rhone Valley, Ardeche, Perigord, and the Ivory coast and promises excellent flavor every time.

Ingredients: Black currants.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

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