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Guanciale, Cured Pork Jowls

from United States by Niman Ranch
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2 packs, 0.5 lbs ea chilled $21.43 $21.50 2016201

Guanciale, Cured Pork Jowls

If you're a fan of bacon, you'll absolutely LOVE Guanciale. Made from cured pork jowls, it's like a supercharged version of bacon - richer, porkier, more delicious. Jowl bacon has more mouthwatering intramuscular fat than the belly, where the pork comes from, so Guanciale has a richer flavor and silkier texture. The meat is cured with a blend of spices and seasonings including rosemary, sea salt and white and black pepper. Buy Guanciale and use it in the classic Italian recipes of Pasta alla Amatriciana and Pasta Carbonara.
Ingredients: jowls cured with salt, cane and maple sugars, sodium nitrite and dextrose. Seasoned with black pepper, cracked coriander, rosemary twigs and one whole bay leaf
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Questions and Answers

Q:Quick question -- I diced it up for carbonara but rinsed it first because the curing herbs didn't go with my dish -- however, the guanciale was super salty. Any way to soak the saltiness out? Many thanks.
A:Since the Guanciale are pretty salty you can try to compensate by not adding any additional salt (not even salting the pasta water). You can also soak the guanciale in water before cooking for a few minutes, to take away some of the saltiness. 
Q:Before using this in pasta carbonara do I rinse or brush off the spices? Thank you!
A:The guanciale do not need to be cleaned off spices, they just need to be cut into small cubes and then sauteed for the Pasta Carbonara.

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2016201 2 packs, 0.5 lbs ea 0.80 lbs. - 1.20 lbs. $21.43
2016201 2 packs, 0.5 lbs ea 0.80 lbs. - 1.20 lbs. $21.43
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