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Grill Time Wagyu Steak Pack

from Australia by Greg Norman Signature
This sampler includes:
  • 2 skirts, 2.5 lbs ea, Wagyu Beef Inside Skirt Steak MS3
  • 20 patties, 8 oz ea, Wagyu Beef Burgers
  • 80 patties, 2 oz ea, Wagyu Beef Slider
  • 8 6-inch hot dogs, 4 oz ea, Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs
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Grill Time Wagyu Steak Pack

For many meat aficionados, Wagyu beef is the crème de la crème of luxury meat. Celebrated for its exquisite flavor and juicy tenderness, this beef benefits from the marbled fat constitution of the cow breed. The extra fat dissolves at a low melting point, releasing intense flavors that raise the beef to an otherworldly dimension.

With such unbeatable beef as this, why not sample it in a range of different products? Greg Norman Signature is way ahead of you, having released this ultimate Wagyu steak pack. All four products in this set are made using the finest beef from cows raised in Australia, one of the world’s biggest exporters of Wagyu.


  • First up are two inside skirts of Wagyu Beef steak, perfect grilled or oven-cooked as the focal point of a family dinner, or sliced into sandwich filling or salad topping.
  • Next up are the beef burger patties, each a one-third pound of juicy Wagyu ground beef. Sear each side for two minutes under direct heat before moving them to a top oven rack so they don’t over-char, then pop them in a toasted sesame bun with grilled veggies and your favorite sauce for an untouchable burger-munching love affair.
  • For a more modestly sized (but no less delicious) experience, you’ll find the beef slider patties. When served with a selection of toppings and sauces, they’re perfect for kids, though adults will no doubt love them too.
  • Also included are eight Wagyu beef hot dogs, delicious when barbecued and served in a bun with ketchup or mustard.

Because it bespeaks super-luxury gourmet goodness, this set is the ideal corporate gift or present for a beloved friend or family member. Alternatively, buy it for your own pleasure-seeking purposes. We certainly wouldn’t blame you if you did.

This steak pack is the brainchild of Greg Norman Signature, a brand partnership between Australian golfer-entrepreneur, Greg Norman, and the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo). The AACo is a world-leading producer of beef, managing over half a million cows across 24 million acres of rural Australia. By carefully and humanely breeding the finest quality cattle, they’ve developed a range of amazing Wagyu products, and are considered pioneers in bringing Wagyu steak to the USA.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Cuts: Skirt Steaks, Burgers and Hot Dogs
Whole or Cut: Pre-Cut/Portioned, Wagyu Beef Gift Sets
Marble Scores and Grades: Marble Score 3 - 4
Origin: Australian

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Questions and Answers

Q:Are the Wagyu hot dogs made with a natural casing? Is the casing bovine, artificial, or otherwise? Are they 100% beef?
A:The Wagyu Hot Dogs in this Steak Pack are skinless, they do not have any type of casing. They are made of Wagyu beef, there is no other type of meat added.
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