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Spanish Capers Nonpareil

Spanish Capers Nonpareil

from Spain by Napoleon
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Spanish Capers Nonpareil

Sourced from Spain, our capers are designated as nonpareils, meaning they are the smallest in terms of size and the most delicate in flavor and texture. The larger a caper is allowed to grow, the more intensely acidic it becomes, making more petit capers unanimously preferred by chefs, foodies, and gourmands around the world. About a 1/4 of an inch (7mm), our nonpareils can be used with abandon. Scatter as a garnish over salads, dips, and pasta to add a salty, lemony burst of flavor! A must-have for many classic Italian and Spanish dishes, you'll find the taste and texture they add to your recipes cannot be imitated or replaced. When looking for an easy upgrade to your meals, look no further than our jar of premium Spanish capers!

Native to the Mediterranean, capers are the unripened green bud of the caper bush. Picked when they are still immature, then dried and pickled, capers have a robust and salty-tart flavor that lends itself to a wide variety of dishes and preparations. The curing process brings out a tangy flavor that is often compared to lemons or green olives. An intensely complex flavor profile for such a tiny bite, maximize the taste in your recipes with capers.

Composed of four simple ingredients: our Spanish capers are pickled in nothing more than water, salt, and vinegar, getting all their spectacular flavor from nothing more than the caliber of our capers! Made using traditional techniques, Napoleon capers never include any artificial preservatives, flavorings, or colors. Start enjoying authentic Spanish capers as they were meant to be when you order on Gourmet Food Store today!

Ingredients: Capers, water, salt and vinegar.
Storage: room temperature
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars rating(5.00)2 ratings Log in to rate this item.
5 out of 5 stars ratingMay 01, 2020

Better than previously used capers.

Debra A from SKOKIE, IL
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5 out of 5 stars ratingApr 17, 2020


Aimee from Fairfield, CT
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