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Cornichons - French Style Gherkins

Cornichons - French Style Gherkins

from France by Maille
7.5 oz jar room temp $8.25 $8.25 3023801

Cornichons - French Style Gherkins

We are absolutely addicted to these little French cornichons, zesty little pickled gherkins, aka mini pickles. They're harvested early so they're extra tart, and they're the perfect partner for cheeses, meats, sandwiches, foie gras and pate, and essential for authentic steak tartar.

Cornichons are not widely known, but in France, they’re a must-have. These tiny little pickles with a rough and bumpy skin are served on top of pates and terrines to give a juicy, tart contrast, and they’re also present in cheese and charcuterie platters, or alongside smoked meats. They’re cute and adorable, tart and juicy, and perfectly balance out these otherwise super rich pates and cheeses.

Don’t stop at the appetizer board with cornichons! Slice them into sandwiches or place them on top of burgers for a juicy, crunchy twist. Chop them up finely and use them in steak tartare recipes or in a classic tartar sauce for fried onions rings or fried fish. Need a twist to your cocktail? Make a dirty Martini with cornichons instead of olives! Use them for roast chicken, chop them on a tuna salad, or make a sauce, you can’t go wrong with these juicy, tart French cornichons.

Ingredients: Gherkins, vinegar, onions, salt, spices, artificial flavor, sulphur dioxide (preservative).
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: difference between gherkins and cornichons?
A: The difference between gherkins and cornichons is that a gherkin is a small cucumber, often pickled whole while a cornichon is a pickled gherkin cucumber.


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