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Saint Florentin - 45% (pre-order)

from France by Lincent
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Saint Florentin - 45% (pre-order)

From one of Frances most beautiful valleys, this cheese is a favorite among cheese lovers from around the world. Delicate yet indulgent, Saint Florentin is a fresh cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. A specialty of Yonne in the Burgundy region of France. Promising fantastic flavor and a thick, luxurious paste within, spread a generous smear of this tasty French cheese on a crusty baguette. Smooth onto your sandwiches or swirl into your pasta for a luxurious cheesy flavor and thick creamy consistency.

Perfectly walking the fine line between rich and indulgent yet mild and delicate, Saint Florentin offers excellent flavor and a beautifully soft and creamy center. Relatively fragile, this cheese cannot be roughly handled without collapsing into a creamy paste. With a soft and rumpled pale yellow exterior, the inside promises a silken ivory white paste. This traditional cheese comes in two different varieties. One a young and mild cheese only aged a few weeks while the other is aged at least two months. Frequently washed with saltwater: it develops a light, beige-orange rind and a more robust flavor profile.

Slightly salty, each wheel of Saint Florentin is approximately the size of a round of Camembert. Spread it on bread or combine it with a handful of your favorite herbs for a delicious accompaniment to a crusty loaf or some artisan crackers. No matter how you choose to serve and enjoy this delightful cheese, we’re certain you’ll love its luxurious texture and singularly delicious taste!

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