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Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt - Fine

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Item description Temp PRICE PER UNIT Price Qty Sku
1 lb room temp $10.28 $10.28
40 x 1 lb room temp $9.25 $370.00
35.2 oz room temp $22.63 $22.63 3032501
6 x 35.2 oz room temp $20.36 $122.16 3032504

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt - Fine

Harvested from the coasts of Hawaii our black lava salt is infused with activated charcoal made from regional lava. The incorporation of the charcoal gives this salt a jet black color akin to obsidian. Along with its elegant look, black lava salt also has wonderful earthy taste and imparts a smokiness to dishes you’d associate with charcoal grilling.

Use this salt in much the same way you would other salts. With its smoky flavor profile we especially like it paired with any sort of meat. Excellent for finishing dishes try sprinkling it over characteristically meaty fish like halibut to add another layer of flavor. Crisp roasted potatoes, baked root vegetables, omelettes and more any and every dish can benefit from the delightful qualities of our fantastic Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt!

Black lava salt’s benefits don’t stop at its fantastic flavor or its striking appearance. Thanks to the activated charcoal used in its production it also boasts some health benefits. Charcoal is a well-known purifier and the regular use of our black lava salt can act as a detoxifier to help cleanse the body of impurities as well as provide essential minerals and aid digestion. With all the benefits in flavor, look, and diet, why wait? Order your own bag of salt today. Available in a wide range of sizes we have Hawaiian Black salt available by the pound or in larger 35-ounce sizes. Sold singly or in bulk, get exactly the amount you need when you order!

Ingredients: Activated charcoal, sea salt.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Spices: Sea Salt & Rock Salt
Origin: United States

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