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Mademoiselle Vanille - Vanilla Nougat

from France by Fruidoraix
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Mademoiselle Vanille - Vanilla Nougat

We bring to you a classic candy bar with an original twist, something so special that you would probably get it only in an artisanal candy shop. Now you can have it in your home, shipped overnight, ready to replace your everyday drugstore candy. We invite you to order and savor the lovely Mademoiselle Vanille, a nougat with an extra dash of sweetness, thanks to the added vanilla. And if you’re wondering if it might be over sweet, fear no longer: it has chunks of pistachio which balances the flavors completely.

Fruidoraix is a French company, based in Provence. Their history goes a long way, considering they began in the 17th Century, and it's a story of  four generations of passionate women who have created a delicious variety of traditional French sweets, which are now available to the world. The original founder of Fruidoraix was, in fact, the great grandmother of today’s owner, and before her, her mother, and before her, her grandmother: a purebred family business. In the beginning, they offered only the classic French confections, but as the years went by more delicious treats were added. The nougats were an immediate success: today they've expanded to 5 varieties, all consisting of the well-known almond nougat, with little twists by Fruidoraix.

A lovely vintage-inspired box brings 13 pieces of this gourmet candy treat, each individually-wrapped in clear wrapping. The box itself is beautiful, with a hand-painted look and antique feel, and makes for a pretty and unique gift, be it a corporate present or for someone very close to you: and why not, a gift to yourself! Enjoy these sweet delicacies with a hot beverage, or as a bite between meals. Even the kids will be longing to have these vanilla marvels as a snack! They make great stocking stuffers, and great holiday gifts and Christmas gift basket additions.

Ingredients: Sugar, almonds, glucose syrup, honey, egg white, pistachios, unleavened bread (potato starch, water), natural vanilla flavor 0.42%. May contain traces of other nuts, gluten and soy.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Sweets Selection: Nougat
Origin: France

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