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Leonidas Assortment - Milk Chocolate

from Belgium by Leonidas
Item description Temp PRICE PER UNIT Price Qty Sku
0.25 lb ballotin box room temp $15.00 $15.00
0.50 lb ballotin box room temp $23.50 $23.50
1 lb ballotin box room temp $47.00 $47.00
1.5 lb ballotin box room temp $70.50 $70.50

Leonidas Assortment - Milk Chocolate

Delicious and creamy milk chocolate is the key ingredient in this well-balanced and representative selection of fresh butter creams, ganaches with fresh cream, pralines, and soft caramel centers, all in milk chocolate covering. This is the perfect selection for the chocolate lover that wants a milder, sweeter chocolate.

Delivered in a beautiful gold ballotin box, this is a perfect gift for the discerning chocolate lover in your life, and makes a great holiday present. A lovely gift for Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, there's pretty much no occasion that won't welcome this glittering box of Leonidas chocolates!

Note: This box will contain an assortment of individual chocolates, which changes frequently and seasonally, so the chocolates in the box will vary and might not be as pictured. If you are looking for specific Leonidas chocolates, please call us at 877.220.4181 and we can arrange a specific assortment for you.

Storage: room temperature
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Sweets Selection: Leonidas Chocolate
Brands: Leonidas Belgian Chocolates
Origin: Belgium

Product Reviews

David from Oxnard, CA
Awesome chocolates. My husband loved them. Will order them again and other, too. Ordered a 1.5 husband loves them. They sit on his end table so they are not far away. Again I bought this for my husband who loves chocolate. This time I bought 1.5 lbs.
Rebecca from Grundy Center, IA
My husband loved these.
Patricia from Rockville, MD
We found these to be quite disappointing. A friend used to bring boxes of their chocolate back from Belgium each year and the quality of that was hauntingly delicious. Some European and American manufacturers have different standards depending on what country they are shipping to. Maybe it is something like that, but there was a night and day difference between those from Belgium and these. The chocolates seemed to reek as if the had been stored somewhere where someone was heavily smoking cigars like a fiend. The small to next size up assortments I chose, were primarily creams, which are not our favorites. The dark chocolates were better than the milk chocolate. A few of the milk chocolates had these odd swipes across the bottoms that looked like someone had tried to wipe off a finger print with something liquid. All around weird. We’re in a pandemic and two of the boxes still have chocolate left in them and they have been sitting here for over a week. Think that says it all. So no, I would not recommend these, as the quality was appealing than US drug store brands.
Ann from Baltimore, MD
All milk chocolate. This is one of our favorite things in the world of food. So many wonderful, different treats here! And--when you buy the big box--you get great variety.
Leo from Northampton, MA

Questions and Answers

Q:I used to buy a Leonidas chocolate with a white cream center when I lived in London (sort of like crème fraiche). Is it possible to buy a box with all the same flavor and if so do you carry that particular one?
A:Most of our Leonidas products are mixed assortments with various flavors or designs. The closest to what you're describing would be the Mixed House Creams (type 32180 in the search bar to find it), but it is a mixed assortment and it's hard to tell if any chocolates inside match the one you bought in London. You would have to try them to find out.
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