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Fresh Hungarian Honey Truffle

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Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
2 oz chilled $924.24 $120.15 1816512
1/4 lb chilled $885.78 $221.44 1816511
1/2 lb chilled $885.78 $442.89 1816512
1 lb chilled $885.78 $885.78 1816513

Fresh Hungarian Honey Truffle

AVAILABILITY NOTE: This item may take up to 3 days to ship after ordering.

You may know everything about the famed White Alba or black Perigord truffles, but have you ever tried a fresh Hungarian Honey truffle? This rare variety is found in Hungary under black Aacaia trees. Their honeyed moniker was given thanks to their sweet flavor profile reminiscent of fresh brioche and vanilla.

Their high sugar content and sweet flavor make them the only truffle you’d want to incorporate into your next dessert. Delicious shaved over pastries, fruits, or gelato: it makes a tasty addition to any last course. The versatility of the honey truffle does not stop there. Just as with other varieties of truffle, you can use it in savory dishes, adding a balancing burst of sweetness.

From desserts and entrees to cocktails, artisan bars make the most of these tasty tubers by making them into simple syrups to flavor their latest aperitif. Unlike other truffles, the Honey truffle becomes sweeter and softer as it ages. Making it better suited to different creations the riper it becomes.

A delicate variety, honey truffles, like white truffles, do not have an exterior skin. With the greatest care they are cleaned and packaged, then shipped straight to your front door or place of business. Receive the best honey truffles at their finest when you order from Gourmet Food Store!

Storage: refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 3 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Types of Truffles: Fresh Truffles
Truffles by Color: Black Truffles
Truffle Season: Winter
Truffle Origin: Hungarian Truffles
Truffle Species: Mattirolomyces Terfezioides

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Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
1816512 2 oz 0.10 lbs. - 0.15 lbs. $924.24
1816512 2 oz 0.10 lbs. - 0.15 lbs. $924.24
1816511 1/4 lb 0.22 lbs. - 0.28 lbs. $885.78
1816511 1/4 lb 0.22 lbs. - 0.28 lbs. $885.78
1816512 1/2 lb 0.45 lbs. - 0.55 lbs. $885.78
1816512 1/2 lb 0.45 lbs. - 0.55 lbs. $885.78
1816513 1 lb 0.90 lbs. - 1.10 lbs. $885.78
1816513 1 lb 0.90 lbs. - 1.10 lbs. $885.78
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