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Foie Gras Utensils

Serve foie gras like a pro, with our selection of foie gras utensils. Beautiful, sleek paring knives and wire slicers easily slice through foie gras, keeping shape and textural integrity of the lobes, with their satin-finished blades that cut like a dream. Rosewood handles and beautiful detailing like brass rivets keeps things pretty, while still useful and practical.
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Foie Gras Slicer
from France by
A steel wire slicer designed to smoothly cut through fresh foie gras, giving you even slices.
Foie Gras Knife
from Italy by Sanelli Ambrogio
This expertly crafted paring knife slices through foie gras with grace and efficiency, maintaining shape and textural integrity.
Foie Gras Paring Knife
from Italy by Sanelli Ambrogio
A satin-finished blade made of stainless steel, and an elegant and gorgeous Rosewood handle with brass rivets.
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