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Prosciutto di Parma - Pre-Sliced

from Italy by Ferrarini
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Prosciutto di Parma - Pre-Sliced

This classic Italian ham by Ferrarini salted and cured for 12 months in cellars in Lesignano de ‘Bagni, on the banks of the Parma River. The slow curing allowing the flavors to develop and deepen, blending the delicious natural sweetness of the ham’s fat blends with the delightful saltiness of the cure.

It’s presented in perfectly paper-thin that slices are riddled with that succulent fat throughout the rosy-red meat, ideal for easy serving right off the package – no bulky ham to slice, just open and serve. In Italy Prosciutto di Parma ham is typically served as part of the antipasto appetizer platter, with select cheeses, charcuterie, olives and spreads, with some crusty bread and wine (of course!). You can also eat our sliced Prosciutto di Parma as a snack, a sandwich, for prosciutto wrapped chicken recipe (yum!), or to add to pizza for an authentic Italian meal. 

Our Prosciutto di Parma is designated PDO – Protected Designation of Origin – which means the production from origin to packaging is strictly controlled ensuring high quality and consistency every time. You can buy online and be assured that we send our fresh products overnight, in temperature-controlled packaging, so it's delivered to you perfectly fresh. 

Ingredients: Pork leg, salt.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Smoked/Cured Meats: Prosciutto, Sliced Meats
Origin: Italy

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