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Echire Beurre de Baratte (Churned Butter), Unsalted

from France by Echire
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Echire Beurre de Baratte (Churned Butter), Unsalted

Founded in 1891 Echire butter has been at the forefront of gourmet butter production for centuries. Using time-honored traditions, Echire butter is produced in wooden teak barrel churns, lending it a distinct flavor profile and earning it the title as one of the best butters produced anywhere in the world! our 8-ounce rolls of unsalted butter are a must-have for anyone who bakes and its amazing creaminess and wonderfully nutty flavor will enhance all your baked goods, taking them from good to great!

Made under the supervision of master butter makers, the entire production process is carefully performed to ensure Echire butter is always of the highest quality. For every kilogram of butter, 22-liters of milk are required to produce the thick, rich, and creamy butter known as Echire. The cream is sourced exclusively from local dairies no further than 60km away from the dairy. Once the cream arrives, it is allowed to rest for at least 18 hours, allowing the flavors to meld and mature. Finally, the cream is transferred into those famous wooden barrels where it is slowly churned for a total of two and a half hours. While the butter could be produced faster, this deliberate and steady pace helps develop Echire’s famous flavor and gives it a rounder more tender texture, as well as a singularly delicious flavor distinctly reminiscent of hazelnuts.

The first choice of Michelin starred chefs, gourmet restaurants, high-end delicatessens, and luxury hotels all the best establishments provide their guests with Echire. With sustainability, quality, and tradition at the center of everything they do, Echire has developed and maintained a name for themselves as the global source for luxury butter. Upgrade all your pastries and cakes by using the same high-quality butter chefs choose for their own products. Completely unsalted, our Echire rolls of butter are available in 8.8-ounce portions and can be purchased singly or in bulk packs of 20. So whether you’re baking for your family or you run a busy bakery or cafe that produces hundreds of croissants every morning, you’ll have more than enough butter for all your baking needs!

Ingredients: Pasteurized cream from cow's milk, lactic starters. 82% fat content.
Storage: Keep refrigerated between +35° F and +43°F maximum
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Brand: Echire Butter
Origin: French
Saltiness: Unsalted
Type: Beurre de Baratte Butter
Packaging: Log

Product Reviews

Delicious butter for making laminated dough!
James from Solana Beach, CA

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