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Spanish Whole Black Aragon Olives, Dried - Organic

from Spain by Campomar Nature
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Spanish Whole Black Aragon Olives, Dried - Organic

Famous for their concentrated flavor, these dried black Aragon olives from Campomar Nature are the perfect addition to all manner of recipes. Add a hit of salty, savory flavor, to everything from pasta, to stews and salads. The ideal addition to cheese and charcuterie boards, these dried Aragon olives also make a great appetizer or snack in their own right.

These black olives are delicately dried with the pit left in to enhance and intensify their already delightful flavor, then combined with a small amount of high-quality olive oil. This keeps the olives moist enough to be easily pitted and blended into recipes or eaten as is without having to soak or soften them and risk losing any of their precious flavors. This process is called oil-curing and is very popular in Spain, a country responsible for the growing and production of over 300 varieties of olives. Slightly wrinkled from loss of moisture, these black Aragon olives lend themselves especially well to Mediterranean flavors. Complement them by pairing with seafood or bright citrus flavors like preserved lemons.

Meaty with a great ratio of flesh to pit, you’ll find yourself snacking on these tantalizing black Aragon olives straight from the jar. 100% organic, Campomar Nature prides itself on producing some of the healthiest, most nutritionally dense foods in Spain. Grown in Alicante and Seville, these black Aragon olives are raised and processed according to strict local organic guidelines. This attention to detail results in a product that is consistently of the highest quality and the most intense flavor, try them for yourself today and any of the other sterling line up of products from Campomar Nature!

Ingredients: Aragon black olive with pit*, salt, extra virgin olive oil*. *Organic
Storage: Refrigerate after opening.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Condiments: Olives and Olive Spreads
Brand: Campomar Nature
Origin: Spain

Product Reviews

I love these olives. Their simple taste and quantity.
MARIA from San Antonio, TX

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