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Angus Grass Fed Beef Ground

Angus Grass Fed Beef Ground

from New Zealand by Silver Fern Farms
1 pack - 1 lb frozen $12.85 $12.85
10 packs - 1 lb ea frozen $11.57 $115.70

Angus Grass Fed Beef Ground

This grass fed ground beef comes from premium New Zealand Angus. Bursting with flavor, their mince is made from only the best cuts. Carefully chosen and processed, this ground beef is as versatile as it is delicious: Ideal for everything from burger patties and chili to tacos, pasta, and so much more.

Boneless beef is masterfully trimmed to achieve a ratio of 85% meat to fat. The perfect blend this meat is a rich and flavorful addition to all your favorite recipes. Always great tasting, each portion is hand-selected by Silver Fern’s Master Graders to ensure tender and juicy results every time.

Silver Fern Farms is a co-op of sustainable farms located across New Zealand, creating the Southern Hemisphere’s first certified grass fed end-to-end net carbon zero beef. The greenhouse gas emissions of each cow is measured and accounted for so they can be balanced out woody vegetation that will actively absorb the equivalent amount of CO2. The environemntally friendly way to grow and produce delicious meat, you can feel good about purchasing this beef.

Silver Fern has spared no effort to create the best grass fed beef on the market. After two years of independently testing 97,000 samples of beef to determine what creats the juiciest, most flavorful meat. Consistently tender and delicious, you’ll be able to tell the difference in quality with your first bite.

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