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Wild Boar Shoulder, Boneless, Rolled and Netted

Wild Boar Shoulder, Boneless, Rolled and Netted

from United States by Broadleaf
1 piece, 5 lbs avg frozen $118.81 $118.81
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Wild Boar Shoulder, Boneless, Rolled and Netted

Our boneless wild boar shoulder from Broadleaf is a wonderful example of game meat at its finest. Deliciously savory, boar meat has a nutty quality with a distinctly sweet finish that adds nuance and character to your dishes. Sourced from real wild boar hunted and trapped in the rugged hill country of Texas. These animals spend their lives roaming the countryside, eating the native flora, and foraging for tubers, nuts, and berries. This natural lifestyle and diet combine to create some of the most flavorful and rich meat you’ll ever try.

The ultimate sustainable meat, unlike so much of the wild boar available on the market, our wild boar is never farm-raised but spends its days in its natural habitat filling out and developing flavor the natural way. Similar to pork, but more intense, boar boasts a deep red color and has a distinctly ‘meatier’ flavor profile. Leaner, and with a fine grain, this is one of the greatest examples of true game meat. A naturally lean meat, this boneless shoulder is best when braised. This low, slow, moist method of cooking helps break down the tough fibrous nature of the meat and connective tissue and renders a meltingly soft and savory finished dish.

A versatile meat wild boar does well with typical pork pairings like barbecue sauce and dry rubs, but thanks to its nutty and slightly sweet flavor profile, it also pairs well with other, additional flavors. Rich and fruity ingredients like those of red wine, brandy, prunes, and apples, do very well with wild boar, and spices like juniper, rosemary, and thyme are also welcome combinations. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the gastronomic potential of wild boar, order some for yourself today and start experiencing the taste of America’s favorite game meat!

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