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Wagyu Coulotte Steak, 184D, MS3

Wagyu Beef Coulotte Whole (184D), MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
1 piece, 3.5 lbs chilled $28.34 $99.19 2002101
1 piece, 3.5 lbs frozen $28.34 $99.19 2002102
10 x 1 piece, 3.5 lbs chilled $23.70 $829.50 2002103
10 x 1 piece, 3.5 lbs frozen $23.70 $829.50 2002104

Wagyu Beef Coulotte Whole (184D), MS3

Beef Coulotte goes by many names just within the U.S., you’ll easily find it traveling under several monikers, including Top Sirloin Cap, Culotte, Picanha, or Rump cap. As one of the names implies, the Coulotte is taken from the top of the Sirloin (the cut located between the hind leg and loin). The Sirloin is often broken down into the top and bottom portions, the top is nearer the loin and has a delicate texture similar to that most coveted of cuts the tenderloin. Conversely, the bottom is nearer to the hind leg, gets more use, and is comprised of several muscles, all with varying degrees of tenderness. While both cuts, when prepared correctly, can be rendered delightful, the Top Sirloin is generally preferred for its ease of cooking and succulent nature. This is the Coulotte and is easily identifiable thanks to a beautifully even layer of fat running across the top.

Already an amazing cut of meat, the Coulotte gets that much better when harvested from premium quality Australian Wagyu beef. We source our Wagyu from Broadleaf, one of the world’s leading meat purveyors, their Wagyu beef is among the finest. With extreme attention to detail, their Australian Wagyu is raised in the same way as the Japanese with careful observation of all the classic food rationing and meat grading methods that have made Wagyu some of the best meat in the world! Broken down with surgical precision, our beef Coulotte are hand portioned into generous 3.5-pound pieces. These can be purchased singly or in bulk and come simply chilled or completely frozen, depending on your preference.

One of the most tender cuts from the Sirloin the Coulotte is versatile and flavorful. Delicious prepared in a number of ways, try marinating, roasting it whole with a smoky rub, or serving it in the classic, South American way alongside a traditional Chimichurri sauce.

Marble Score: 3
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2002101 1 piece, 3.5 lbs 3.00 lbs. - 4.00 lbs. $28.34
2002102 1 piece, 3.5 lbs 3.00 lbs. - 4.00 lbs. $28.34
2002103 10 x 1 piece, 3.5 lbs 32.00 lbs. - 37.00 lbs. $23.70
2002104 10 x 1 piece, 3.5 lbs 32.00 lbs. - 37.00 lbs. $23.70


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