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Wagyu Beef Bresaola, Cured, Sliced

from Australia by Broadleaf
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Wagyu Beef Bresaola, Cured, Sliced

Hand-crafted and dry-cured, our Wagyu beef bresaola is made with only a handful of simple ingredients. Its intensely complex flavor profile comes not from an obscure assortment of masterly blended spices, but the traditional Italian curing method used in its production. Generally made from lean meats, the loin is a favored cut for crafting bresaola. Trimmed of all fat then rubbed with some simple spices, bresaola is air-cured for months until it has achieved perfection. As the moisture in the meat evaporates, it achieves a firm texture and a deep meaty flavor.

Deep red, almost purple, the rich coloring and intensely nuanced flavor profile of our Wagyu beef bresaola make it a must-have addition for any charcuterie board. Pre-sliced into ultra-thin and perfectly consistent slices, it’s never been easier to enjoy the singularly delicious taste of this traditional Italian cured meat. Classically served with a drizzle of good olive oil and some soft Italian cheese like Ribiola, our Bresaola makes an excellent antipasti course!

Sourced from Broadleaf, our Bresaola is made from the finest Wagyu cattle in Australia. Raised under the strict and exacting demands of the classic Japanese Wagyu method, the cattle are allowed to range free for the first 18 months before they’re put on a specially designed Japanese feed mixture to help maximize their ratio of intramuscular fat to muscle. This wonderfully even marbling lends Wagyu that special flavor and melt-in-you-mouth quality it’s known throughout the world for. Raised humanely with no antibiotics, steroids, or additives our Wagyu beef bresaola is not only the delicious choice but also a healthy one!

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