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Venison Shoulder, Boneless

Venison Shoulder, Boneless

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
1 piece, 5.5 lbs chilled $13.09 $72.00 2023005
1 piece, 7 lbs chilled $11.86 $83.02 2023006
6 x 1 piece, 5.5 lbs chilled $11.20 $369.60 2023007
6 x 1 piece, 7 lbs chilled $11.20 $470.40 2023008
1 piece, 5.5 lbs frozen $12.44 $68.42 2023002
1 piece, 7 lbs frozen $11.36 $79.52 2023001
6 x 1 piece, 5.5 lbs frozen $10.75 $354.75 2023003
6 x 1 piece, 7 lbs frozen $10.75 $451.50 2023004

Venison Shoulder, Boneless

Thanks to constant use, the hard-working muscles of the shoulder lend this venison cut intensely bold and meaty flavor. The perfect addition to soups and stews, the shoulder also makes an excellent joint for roasting! Like all wild game, venison is leaner than more traditional meats like lamb or beef, making it one of the healthiest options available. With less saturated fat than even chicken breast, our delicious Cervena venison is the ideal choice for those looking to make healthier choices without sacrificing any flavor!

Internationally recognized as some of the finest venison in the world, the name Cervena guarantees our meat is always of the highest quality. To earn this prestigious label the deer must be raised on New Zealand grasslands. Allowed to graze freely, Cervena farmers provide an entire acre per animal to ensure they each have plenty of space and food. This emphasis on raising animals in the most wholesome and natural way possible results in some of the most delicious and healthiest meat currently on the open market.

Harvested while at least still under three years, and more often much younger (around 12-24 months), Cervena venison is significantly more tender than other venison with a mild flavor profile and a distinctly sweet finish. Never administered any hormones, antibiotics, or growth stimulants, Cervena venison is unmatched in terms of quality and taste.

A versatile cut you can throw your venison shoulder in the crockpot for an easy and delicious dinner, or braise it slowly until it becomes fall-apart tender. Shred it into savory barbacoa to fill anything from tacos and burritos to fajitas and so much more. The gastronomic possibilities of this versatile cut, coupled with the amazing qualities of our luxury Cervena venison, work in unison to create a truly unforgettable culinary experience. But don’t take our word for it, try this remarkable meat for yourself as soon as tomorrow by ordering on Gourmet Food Store today!

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2023005 1 piece, 5.5 lbs 4.00 lbs. - 6.00 lbs. $13.09
2023006 1 piece, 7 lbs 6.50 lbs. - 7.50 lbs. $11.86
2023007 6 x 1 piece, 5.5 lbs 24.00 lbs. - 36.00 lbs. $11.20
2023008 6 x 1 piece, 7 lbs 39.00 lbs. - 45.00 lbs. $11.20
2023002 1 piece, 5.5 lbs 4.00 lbs. - 6.00 lbs. $12.44
2023001 1 piece, 7 lbs 6.50 lbs. - 7.50 lbs. $11.36
2023003 6 x 1 piece, 5.5 lbs 24.00 lbs. - 36.00 lbs. $10.75
2023004 6 x 1 piece, 7 lbs 39.00 lbs. - 45.00 lbs. $10.75


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