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Whole Quail

from United States by Texas Quail Farms
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4 pieces, 5 oz each frozen $33.34 $33.34
6 x 4 pieces, 5 oz each frozen $28.20 $169.20

Whole Quail

Introduce some variety to your usual dinner options of chicken or beef by trying our delightful gourmet quail from Texas Quail Farms! Somewhere between chicken and duck, quail has an assertive savory flavor that makes it the ideal companion for other aromatic herbs and spices. Bursting with flavor, quail is quick and easy to prepare and makes for an incredible dining experience. Braised, roasted, pan-fried, or broiled, you simply can’t go wrong with this dainty yet delectable bird.

Small in size, our quail are approximately 5-ounces each, making two the perfect single serving. Our packages of frozen quail from Texas Quail Farms contain four of these 5-ounce birds and are sold singly or in bulk packs of 6. So Whether you’re making dinner for two or hosting a large party, impress your friends and guests by serving our gourmet quail. The perfect option when you’re in a hurry, these fuss-free mains can go from the fridge to the table in under twenty minutes, making them the ideal dinner party option and a busy chef’s favorite item to feature on the menu.

Dedicated to serving the best quality quail possible, Texas Quail Farms makes every effort to raise premium quail using all-natural, wholesome, and sustainable farming practices. This commitment to quality manifests itself in every aspect of their operation. Minimally processed, with no added hormones, antibiotics, or artificial ingredients of any kind, they are fed a high-quality vegetarian feed and given more than adequate space to roam. Our quail experience a stress-free life that imbues their meat with a sweet-savory flavor and a juicy tender texture setting it apart from other poultry available on the market.

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Poultry/Fowl: Quail
Cuts: Whole Birds

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