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Hondukuri Ponzu - Ponzu Sauce

from Japan by Suehiro Shoyu
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Hondukuri Ponzu - Ponzu Sauce

Suehiro Shoyu has risen to the forefront of the Japanese soy sauce industry thanks to their high-quality shoyu. Known for their masterful ability to blend and balance flavors: this tasty ponzu sauce offers complexity and a full-bodied finish that sets it apart from the competition.

Suehiro makes its citrusy Ponzu without any added water, so this version of the classic dipping sauce is bursting with extra flavor. A combination of four Asian citrus fruits: Yuzu, Sudachi, Yukou, and Daidai, this tangy condiment balances the bright flavors of fruit with umami-rich dark soy sauce, mirin, and kombu dashi. A surprising assortment of ingredients, the results feel positively inspired. Salty, tangy, and complex, it makes a tempting dipping sauce for noodle dishes, raw fish, and veggies.

Ingredients: Dark soy sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt, alcohol), citrus juice (yuzu, citrus sudachi, bitter orange, yukou citrus), mirin (rice, rice koji, brewing alcohol, starch), konbu dashi (water, kelp), sugar.
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Asian Ingredient Categories: Asian Sauces
Origin: Japan

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