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Founded in 2002 in La Mancha, this Spanish company specializes in fish and seafood conserves with a traditional Spanish flair, showcasing the full texture, flavor and freshness of the Mediterranean. Sourcing only the finest quality fish and seafood, and processing them using traditional methods, Kiele cuts and cleans each piece individually, with an effort to maintain the natural shapes, properties and flavor of the fish. Their line includes flavorful anchovies, cured tuna fillets, delicacies like octopus salpicon, the classic boquerones and pretty much everything you need for gourmet Spanish tapas!
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Boquerones in Vinegar
from Spain by Kiele
Juicy and meaty, these Spanish anchovies are prepared artisanally, hand-cleaned and marinated in vinegar salt and water.
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Boquerones in Vinegar & Olive Oil
from Spain by Kiele
Juicy and meaty Spanish anchovies pickled in vinegar and packed in olive oil, salt, parsley and garlic.
Mojama Fillet in Olive Oil - Sliced
from Spain by Kiele
Salt and air-cured tuna fillets from tuna caught and processed using artisan methods, marinated in fine olive oil.
Anchovy Fillet "00" in Olive Oil
from Spain by Kiele
Spectacularly flavorful anchovy fillets swimming in quality olive oil, perfect for snacks or to add flavor to your dishes.
from Spain by Kiele
Spanish sardines salted and packed in oil like anchovies, anchodinas are deliciously meaty with a firm texture.
Octopus - Salpicon
from Spain by Kiele
A delicious conserve of premium tender octopus meat pickled in oil with pickles, onions, olives, peppers and seasoned with cumin, rosemary and oregano
Octopus Salad - Salpicon
from Spain by Kiele
A summery seafood cocktail of Humboldt squid with pickled vegetables, dressed in oil, lemon sauce and spices.
Mojama Loin
from Spain by Kiele
Anchodina Fillet in Olive Oil
from Spain by Kiele
Spanish sardine loin fillets cut into fours and packed in smooth and fruity Arbequina olive oil and salt.
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