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Mojama Loin

from Spain by Kiele
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Mojama Loin

A simple ingredient when you get right down to it, Mojama is the salt-cured loin of the Yellow Fin Tuna. A Spanish delicacy Mojama has been a fixture of Mediterranean cuisine for millennia, adding bold savory flavor to anything from your morning eggs to beans, toast, or pasta. While this ingredient has recently become popular among American chefs and foodies, it has been bringing the briny taste of the sea to all manner of dishes for centuries.

Mojama is made using just a couple of natural ingredients. Starting with tuna loins, they are cured in salt for two days, then the salt is carefully washed off and the curing process is finished under the Mediterranean sun. This last stage of the process takes roughly fifteen to twenty days. Sold in firm thick wedges, Mojama is incredibly easy to use. Simply grate it directly over your plated dish immediately before serving to enhance its intrinsic flavors. Even the finest showering of Mojama flakes packs an umami punch!

While many darlings of the culinary world are prohibitively expensive to the average cook (I’m looking at you truffles), Mojama is a very affordable addition to your pantry. Sold in 2-pound portions, a section this large is enough to grace the top of thousands of dishes and can keep you well-stocked for months. The best part is, there’s no rush to use your Mojama. Keep it well wrapped in your refrigerator and it will continue to taste great for upwards of six months and well beyond.

Ingredients: Tuna (Thunnus Albacares), extra virgin olive oi, sunflower oil, salt.
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3340701 2 lbs 1.70 lbs. - 2.20 lbs. $68.35
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