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Colossal Blue Crab Meat

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1 lb frozen $18.75 $18.75 1601401
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Colossal Blue Crab Meat

Spend less time cracking, hunting, and picking through your crab for tasty morsels of sweet flesh and instead opt for our colossal blue crab meat handpicked just for you! With all the hard work already done, you can get straight to plating, serving, and enjoying the sweet and delicate taste of our blue crab meat.

Made from premium blue crab this colossal lump meat consistently meets the highest standards of seafood excellence. The first choice for discerning chefs and the crab preferred by refined gourmands, our handpicked blue crab meat offers everything one comes to expect from high-quality seafood. Selected for its sweet, clean, buttery flavor and delicate flaky texture, our colossal lump crab meat comes from the large unbroken muscles connected to the crab’s swimming legs. Considered by many to be the tastiest portion, our colossal lump meat has a fine texture and a mild sweet taste that should be savored on its own. Enjoy these large hunks served simply alongside nothing more than a little warm butter.

To ensure the quality of our crab is always of the highest, freshly caught live crabs are steamed to lock in their fresh flavor. The meat is then masterfully handpicked to preserve its size and shape, chilled, then carefully packed. Shipped frozen in 1-pound packages, we carefully prepare each box of crab with insulated layers of protection and cold packs to protect them from temperature spikes during transit and ensure your crab reaches you in excellent condition. Our colossal blue crab meat is prized all over for its impressive size, bright white color, and exquisite taste. Try this sensational seafood for yourself today and taste the gourmet difference!

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1601401 1 lb 0.80 lbs. - 1.20 lbs. $18.75
1601401 1 lb 0.80 lbs. - 1.20 lbs. $18.75
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