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Quick Gelatin - Instant Hot or Cold Process Gelatin Powder

from Germany by Pastry 1
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1 pail - 5.5 lbs room temp $74.16 $74.16 41123401
2 pails - 5.5 lbs ea room temp $66.74 $133.48 41123402

Quick Gelatin - Instant Hot or Cold Process Gelatin Powder

This quick process gelatin powder from Pastry 1 performs all the functions of any good gelling agent in a shorter amount of time. Easy to use, there’s no waiting for your gelatin to bloom and no provisions about temperature. Simply add to hot or cold liquids, mix thoroughly, and allow the quick gelatin to get to work!

A special formulation of ingredients allows this gelatin powder to set liquids more rapidly. Lump-free and fully set in as little as three hours, you’ll wonder what you ever did before it. Versatile and easy to use, create delicious chilled desserts, like Panna Cotta, chocolate mousse, even Turkish delight, with our powdered gelatin!

There are two types of dehydrated gelatin, powdered and sheets. Often sold in individual sachets, our powdered gelatin is sold in a large 5.5-pound air-tight pale. This makes measuring and weighing much simpler and keeps out moisture and unpleasant odors. Boasting an excellent shelf life, save money, and always be prepared by purchasing in bulk. Store your gelatin powder in a dry, cool place until ready to use.

Ingredients: Sugar, Lactose, Dextrose, Gelatine Thickener, Garob Gum (E410) Flavor
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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