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Noel Cocoa Powder - Premium

from France by Noel
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Noel Cocoa Powder - Premium

This premium cocoa powder from Noel is second to none. Made from the finest cocoa beans available, Noel takes great pains to source the best beans from around the world. With no location too remote, this extra effort results in chocolate products that offer singularly delicious flavor profiles you wont find anywhere else.

Made with both the professional pastry chef and the home baker in mind, you’ll find this premium cocoa powder, and all Noel’s products are reliable and easy to use. Each ingredient designed to make baking a breeze. Easy to incorporate; it mixes well with all products, even cold liquids. Developing flavor while cooking, this cocoa powder gets better and better with use. Ideal for mousses, ice creams, frostings, hot chocolate and of course, cakes, cookies, and more.

What is Premium Cocoa Powder?

Whether you prefer natural or dutch-processed when buying cocoa powder, it’s best to get the good stuff. Turns out there’s a hierarchy within the world of cocoa, and the term “premium” is more than a marketing gimmick. Authentic, premium cocoa powder is 22-24% cocoa butter: that’s twice the amount of regular cocoa powder. This high fat content gives desserts a silky texture perfect for everything from baking to beverages.

The ideal choice for the most decadent creations, you’ll love what it does for all your favorite recipes. The fat percentage is not found on cocoa labels, so to ensure you’re the good stuff, check the nutrition panel. Premium cocoa should have 1 gram instead of .5 gram of fat per 5-6 gram serving.

Ingredients: Cocoa powder May contain traces of peanuts and soya.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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