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Pane di Musica - Sardinian Feathery Light Crackers, with Olive Oil

from Italy by Mitica
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Pane di Musica - Sardinian Feathery Light Crackers, with Olive Oil

Pane di Musica, often referred to as "music bread," is a traditional Sardinian flatbread known for its thin and crispy texture. An integral part of Sardinian cuisine, Miticia’s interpretation of this Mediterranean staple is a feathery, light and delightfully crisp cracker. Incredibly thin with a delicate, airy texture, these crackers are said to resemble a musical score.

While Pane di Musica is most famous for its texture, Mitica’s addition of fine olive oil infuses these crackers with a rich and savory flavor. Flavorful yet subtle, these Sardinian crackers are endlessly versatile. Tasty in their own right, they make a delightful standalone snack but also pair beautifully with a wide range of dishes and flavors.

The ideal base serve these crackers alongside your favorite cheeses and meats to create a next level charcuterie board. Pair with all manner of dips from hummus and tzatziki to baba ghanoush and beyond!

A delicious base for canapés, top these crackers with flavorful ingredients like smoked salmon, herby cream cheese, or bruschetta for an appetizer everyone will love. From soups to salads add a satisfying crunch to all your favorite recipes.

With a passion for authenticity and a dedication to quality, Mitica brings the finest Mediterranean flavors to your table. The benchmark of their industry, Mitica is celebrated for its commitment to sourcing and sharing exceptional pantry staples inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean.

With their Sardinian heritage, delicate texture, and savory olive oil infusion, our Pane di Musica offers a genuine taste of the Mediterranean. Whether you're indulging in gourmet pairings, creative canapés, or savoring them as a standalone snack, infuse your culinary creations with Italian flair and embrace the culinary possibilities of Pane di Musica.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina wheat flour, olive oil (18%), salt, yeast.
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Pantry Categories: Crackers and Bread

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