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Trout and Carp Roe

With its bright and colorful red-orange eggs (not to mention its accessible price tag), trout roe caviar is a wonderful addition to appetizers, while salty carp roe caviar is the perfect ingredient for the classic Greek meze taramasalata spread.

Some of the more popular choices when looking to experience caviar for the first time, Trout roe and carp roe, offer two distinct flavor profiles at very affordable price points, a great gateway option for those new to caviar.

Caviar Source
1 - 3 of 3 products
1 - 3 of 3 products
Pink Trout Roe Caviar
Pink Trout Roe Caviar
from France by Markys

This beautiful red roe with bold flavor comes from freshwater trout caught in inland lakes.

4.6(10 reviews)
Smoked Trout Rainbow Roe Caviar
Smoked Rainbow Trout Roe Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Denmark by Markys

Bold-flavored beads of rainbow trout roe, with a hint of smokiness

4.3(4 reviews)
Tarama Carp Roe Caviar
Tarama Carp Roe Caviar
from United States by Krinos

Make your own delicious and authentic Greek Taramosalata spread with these small salt-cured orange beads of carp roe.

This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
1 - 3 of 3 products

Trout and Carp Roes Taste

Offering a decrease in price but not in flavor, Trout and Carp roe caviar is a delicious and sustainable option when looking for tasty alternatives. While their color is very similar, golden trout roe is quite different in taste and texture from Carp. Known for its sweet and delicate profile, as opposed to the familiar savory, earthy notes associated with most roes, it’s a favorite for lighter and brighter fare.

Carp, in contrast, is a delicate roe, cured for over a year, then blended with oil, lemon juice, and onions to become the Greek specialty taramosalata. More of a spread than traditional caviars, its profile is rich, complex, and deeply savory. An umami bomb: it represents the other end of the flavor spectrum to the almost sweet notes of golden trout caviar.

How to Serve

The striking look of these tasty fish eggs brings a bright luminous orange to your recipe, similar to the coral color of Salmon eggs. Slightly smaller in size and with a more pronounced pop, they burst onto the palate with a singularly delicious flavor. As the taste of these two roes differs dramatically, they must be handled and served in very different ways.

Trout caviar, with its subtle, almost sweet highlights, works well with the classic pairings of tender blini and creme fraiche, no cooking required. Or play into the salty-sweet dynamic by pairing it with cold soups, custards, or dill spreads. If you’ve opted for smoked trout roe, the versatility expands. Great for topping omelets, salads, tapas, and other dishes.

Carp caviar's deeply savory profile and smooth, spreadable texture is a foundational element of the classic Mezze platter. Slather it on everything from bread and pita to sandwiches, and calamari, or even use it as a gourmet dip.


Caviar is an acquired taste for many, so it makes sense to start experimenting with those featuring a lower price point. By working your way up, you’ll give yourself and your guests a chance to learn to enjoy the subtle complexities of flavor and texture intrinsic to this gourmet delight. Two of our favorite starting points for those new to caviar are these roes.

The trout caviar price is very accessible, as well as the carp fish roe price. For just a few dollars, you can experiment with an entire jar of either of these tasty options. As mentioned the cost of trout caviar is very approachable, making it the perfect option when catering a large party. Save on money while making the popular choice when you buy trout caviar!

How Much Do I Need?

Correctly estimating how much caviar you need is critically important. A good rule of thumb is to estimate each guest eating approximately 1-2 ounces when served alone. With more affordable roes like these, the proper food pairings help enhance their intrinsic characteristics and help the caviar stretch even further. Accompaniments like blini, hard-boiled eggs, toast points, and other tasty fare allow the host to estimate closer to ½-1 ounce per person.

Where to Order

Caviar can often be hard to find in the grocery store, so purchasing it online is generally the easiest. It’s also often the best way, as you can find better quality, fresher products that easily ship straight to your door by the very next day!

If you’re looking to buy trout caviar online, look no further than our premium options on Gourmet Food Store! Shop smoked trout caviar alongside the sweeter delicate options. You’ll also find traditional Taramasalata featuring the savory flavor of Carp and many other delicious choices. Explore our selection of gourmet roes and start experiencing the incredible range of choices outside classic caviar.

Trout and Carp Roe Questions And Answers

Q:What is Carp Roe?
A:These tiny eggs are often found aged and cured, then combined with lemon, oil, and onion to create the classic Greek dip known as Taramasalata.
Q:What is Trout Roe?
A:An affordable option, the trout roe price is low and approachable, making this tasty choice a great entry point for those new to the world of caviar.
Q:Where Can I Buy Trout Roe?
A:For the best trout roe on the market, look no further than the premium options available at Gourmet Food Store! Still unsure? Take a look at our countless five-star trout roe reviews to set your mind at ease.
Q:How to Eat Trout Roe?
A:Trout roe is known for its delicate, almost sweet flavor profile, making it the perfect choice for lighter fare. Ideal for appetizers, pair it with creamy custards, cold soups, or classic blini pancakes.
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