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Osetra Karat Amber Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised

from Israel by Markys
Item description Temp PRICE PER OZ Price Qty Sku
0.50 oz, glass jar chilled $100.80 $50.40
1 oz, glass jar chilled $88.20 $88.20
1.75 oz, glass jar chilled $84.34 $147.60
2 oz, glass jar chilled $83.70 $167.40
4 oz, glass jar chilled $80.55 $322.20
5.5 oz, glass jar chilled $79.85 $439.20
8 oz tin chilled $79.43 $635.40
9 oz tin chilled $79.20 $712.80
17.6 oz tin chilled $78.55 $1382.40
35.2 oz tin chilled $78.24 $2754.00

Osetra Karat Amber Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised

Our Osetra Karat caviar comes from the oldest Sturgeon fishery in Israel. The firm beads are medium-large and boast a light olive-brown color with flecks of gold. The delightful texture of this caviar is well-formed and just firm enough to provide that ideal 'pop' on the tongue, revealing a burst of briny flavor. Known for its buttery, luxurious finish and nutty notes of flavor, its gorgeous coloring, and delightful flavor make it the ideal garnish for all manner of dishes. Striking served alongside other recipes or with the classic blini and creme fraiche.

About Karat Caviar

Karat Caviar is Israel’s most innovative aquaculture startup. Beginning in 1992 with a haul of genuine Russian Sturgeon fingerlings directly from the Caspian sea. Selecting one of the rarest and most delicious of this special breed of fish, they chose to begin their farm with Osetra Sturgeon. Raised in conditions that closely match their native environment, the ice-cold waters sourced from the melting snow of Mount Hermon at the mouth of the river Jordan offer an excellent habitat for the fish. What’s more, Karat's ecological preservation specialists have created an ideal environment, helping the fish to develop and grow. This idyllic farm produces some of the most delicious and sustainable caviar in the world and provides an opportunity for the caviar lover to continue to enjoy authentic Russian caviar.

Ingredients: Osetra roe, salt.
Storage: refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Type: Osetra , Sturgeon Caviar
Packaging: Individual Caviars
Brand: Markys
Color: Amber
Origin: Israeli, Russian
Caviar Source: Farm Raised

Product Reviews

David from Oxnard, CA
For the price, this caviar offers the best taste and color than other Osetra caviars. The 16 oz tin served 50 people caviar/blini canapes (along with 1 oz plastic shots of Russian Standard vodka.
Frank from Little Rock, AR
David from Syracuse, NY
great texture and egg size wonderful with creme fresh and bilini
Scott from Grants Pass, OR
quite good
D. from Santa Ana, CA

Questions and Answers

Q:from what species of sturgeon is this caviar obtained
A:This is Caspian Osetra Karat Amber - GUE - Farmed in Israel (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii).
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