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Amber Caviar

True caviar at its best, these Amber-colored orbs are most commonly sourced from the Osetra, Kaluga, and White Sturgeon. Offering a pleasantly firm texture: their medium-sized beads give way to a delightfully nutty flavor profile and a rich finish.

Caviar Source
1 - 9 of 9 products
1 - 9 of 9 products
Beluga Hybrid Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
Beluga Hybrid Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Italy by Markys

From Italy, this Beluga and Siberian Sturgeon hybrid yields glistening pearls with a buttery, earthy flavor.

5(6 reviews)
Emperior Beluga Hybrid Caviar
Emperior Beluga Hybrid Caviar - Malossol
from Italy by Emperior

An ingenious hybrid, this caviar combines the size and flavor of Beluga with the sustainability and production speed of Siberian Sturgeon.

5(1 review)
Emperior Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar
Emperior Kaluga Fusion Sturgeon Caviar, Amber - Malossol
from Asia by Emperior

This hybrid roe is the result of Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon, and its large amber beads offer a mellow buttery flavor.

5(1 review)
Emperior Osetra Karat Russian Caviar Amber
Emperior Osetra Karat Caviar - Amber, Malossol
from Israel by Emperior

Sourced from the oldest Osetra Sturgeon fishery in Israel, this caviar features firm, well-formed beads that pop with a burst of briny flavor.

5(1 review)
Osetra Baerii Siberian Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
French Siberian Sturgeon Caviar (A. baerii) - Malossol, Farm Raised
from France by Markys

Farm-raised in France, this Siberian Sturgeon caviar is praised for its sweet, nutty flavor and clean, crisp finish.

5(1 review)
Osetra Karat Amber Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
Osetra Karat Amber Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Israel by Markys

Golden olive to light brown pearls, with a rich and smooth nutty flavor.

4.7(18 reviews)
Osetra Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
Osetra Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Israel by Markys

A traditional Osetra from authentic Caspian Sea stock, with a nutty flavor and crisp texture.

4.6(8 reviews)
Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar - Malossol, Farm Rised
Kaluga Fusion Sturgeon Caviar, Amber - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Asia by Markys

Large, firm grains with a mellow, rich and creamy mouthfeel

4.6(15 reviews)
Royal Siberian Sturgeon Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
Royal Siberian Sturgeon Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from France by Markys

Tender gray pearls that melt in the mouth, releasing subtle flavors with a hint of the sea.

4.5(2 reviews)
1 - 9 of 9 products

Classifying Caviar

When it comes to classifying these tasty pearls, there are two main varieties it can fall into: Black and Red. Black Caviar is sourced exclusively from Sturgeon, and while the name conjures up images of jet black beads, the roe within this category can vary widely in color from black to golden. Though the moniker may seem confusing, in simplest terms, Black denotes that the eggs are procured from Sturgeon fish and are considered true caviar in its purest sense.

Red caviar, in contrast, can come from several different families of fish, commonly Trout and Whitefish. Similar to the Black category, the colors within this classifcation will encompass many hues. Since the eggs come from non-Sturgeon varieites, Red caviar is often labeled roe instead.


A high quality option, Amber roe offers a delicate briny flavor with nutty, buttery undertones. The firm beads are medium-large and olive green to milky amber brown in color. Wonderfully firm: a little pressure gives way to a wave of delicious flavor that floods the senses and enhances anything with which it’s paired.

How to Serve

The best way to enjoy this delicacy is to serve it perfectly chilled upon a bed of crushed ice. When presenting Amber caviar, use glass, crystal, or bone servingware. Avoid metal at all costs as it imparts off flavors to the eggs. Mother of pearl, wood, or gold spoons make excellent choices and add to the sense of opulence when indulging in this sumptuous fare. Accompany your roe with classic Russian sides like blini and creme fraiche to round out the flavor and add textural dimension to each bite.

For a more substantial dish, adorn your caviar topped blini with young quail egg, lemon zest or a little chopped onion. A versatile ingredient experiment with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, and your favorite fresh herbs to make these fish eggs sing!


One of the most expensive foods on earth, caviar is the epitome of luxury ingredients. Within the world of roe pricing there is a wide range of price points depending on what kind you’re buying and who you’re buying from. Amber roe is a true caviar in the sense that it is sourced from the Sturgeon fish. Sturgeon caviar is the costliest of the fish roes mainly because overfishing has pushed the breed to near extinction. Taking years to mature, you’ll find this high end caviar runs anywhere from $60-160 per ounce.

Amber Caviar Questions And Answers

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