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Pasta Panarese

No one knows pasta like the Italians, and the Paranese family are no exception. They produce all their durum wheat pasta in their estate in Val d’Orcia, in beautiful Tuscany, using traditional bronze-die methods, and slow-drying the delicious pasta at low temperatures for at least 72 hours, which results in a rustic and rough pasta that beautifully absorbs water and sauces, but preserving all the organoleptic properties of the pasta.
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Gigli - dry
from Italy by Pasta Panarese
A lily-shaped Tuscan pasta to honor the town of Florence, Gigli Toscanini pasta stands up to hearty meat sauces, filling the nooks and crannies perfectly.
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Paccheri Rigati Dry Pasta
from Italy by Pasta Panarese
A short ribbed pasta the is the perfect partner to chunky sauces like ragus and Bolognese, Paccheri Rigati is made using durum wheat.
Pasta Panarese Pappardelle Pasta | Buy Online at Gourmet Food Store
from Italy by Pasta Panarese
These broad and flat ribbons are similar to fettuccine, only wider, perfect for meaty ragus and Bolognese sauces.
Pasta Panarese Artisan Pennoni Pasta | Gourmet Food Store
from Italy by Pasta Panarese
Pennoni is an oversized version of penne, large tubes that are perfect to pair with hearty meat sauces and cooked in the oven.
Spaghetti Chitarra Pasta
from Italy by Pasta Panarese
Spaghetti alla chitarra, an organic wheat pasta prepared the traditional way in Italy
Pici - dry
from Italy by Pasta Panarese
A traditional flour and water Tuscan pasta, this fat spaghetti is made using bronze dies and rolled by hand for a rustic look and texture.
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