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Frozen Angulas - Baby Eel

from Madagascar by Markys
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Frozen Angulas - Baby Eel

Wildly popular in Spain, Angulas or “Elver” eels, are tiny, silvery fish no bigger than a strand of spaghetti. Prized for their flavor, they are eaten simply, with nothing more to dress them than some good olive oil and fresh garlic. Also known as the “caviar of northern Spain” it’s recommended to eat these miniature eels with a wooden fork, rather than a metal one, to help prevent any change or dilution in flavor. Once nothing more than a common fisherman’s dish, Angulas have gone on to become a true Spanish delicacy!

There are several ways to prepare Angulas, all of them are quick and simple, in an attempt to retain their fresh and delicate flavor. Try dressing them in garlic and oil, as we mentioned above, or quickly frying them, Bilbao style. Great for tapas or mixed in with spaghetti, season them with white wine, herbs, and chilis. These delicate eels are fantastic, prepared and served in a multitude of ways.

Sourced all the way from Madagascar, our exquisite Angulas are hand prepared and packed in oil. Our 3.5-ounce containers are filled to the brim, with lovely, pearlescent eels. Portioned out perfectly, they are just the right amount for a meal for two, (a single portion, being 1.5-2 ounces). This gourmet food is perfect for those who wish to experience a little piece of Spanish culture. Follow a classic recipe by serving it on crusty fresh bread or eat it on the flavorful Torta de Aceite.

Ingredients: Baby eel
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