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Sardinettes - Small French Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

from France by Les Mouettes d'Arvor
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Sardinettes - Small French Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tender little young French sardines in extra virgin olive oil are the perfect little treat to savor over a fresh baguette, or to toss with some linguine and freshly grated parmigiano. Simple, with an intense flavor and silky texture, these sardinettes recall beautiful meals by the sea, in one bite.

For 40 years Les Mouettes d'Arvor ("the seagulls of Arvor”) has sourced their sardines from 9 boatmen in Concarneau, one of the France’s largest fishing ports. The sardines are only fished when in season during the spring. They’re carefully hand selected – they must not be too thin or too large – then submerged in an ice bath, which allows the sardines’ flesh to firm up and the fish to be peeled. Then, painstakingly by hand, each sardine is deboned, dried, and packed in fine extra virgin olive oil. The artisan process is meticulous and guarantees the quality of the sardines.

These are perfect for appetizers, that extra flavor on pasta or salad, or just serve them on top of a slice of toasted bread with some fresh herbs for instant crostini. Toss them with some linguine with a twist of lemon for a flavorful dinner, or on top of a fresh salad with cherry tomatoes and basil for a quick and healthy lunch. Endless possibilities with a healthy, delicious ingredient.

Ingredients: Sardines 70%, extra virgin olive oil, salt
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