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Jamonera Clamp / Holder

from Spain by Fermin
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Jamonera Clamp / Holder

A true global luxury food, Jamon Iberico is recognized as one of the best forms of meat in the world. Incredibly smooth and rich it is a delicacy unlike any other, and as such, deserves special attention when preparing and serving. That’s where our specialty Jamonera comes in! While one may use a deli slicer to cut Jamon, much is lost by taking this shortcut. To truly enjoy Jamon the way it’s meant to be tasted, one must slice it by hand.

Specifically designed to hold a leg of the famed Spanish Iberico cured ham, our Jamonera is masterfully crafted to hold Iberico Jamon at just the right angle to render beautifully thin slices of this succulent meat every time. Created by one of Spain’s leading purveyors, Fermin, our Jamonera is carefully made to withstand regular use. With just enough heft to ensure a stable platform for slicing our Jamonera is easy to transport or store when not in use.

This ingenious device originated in Spain as a result of the popularity of this specialty meat. Simple in its construction yet elegantly designed, the Jamonera is comprised of a short stout wooden base onto which a metal arm is fixed. This design allows the Jamon to be situated so the thinner end of the leg can be securely fastened to the top of the arm, keeping the leg elevated on one side and at a perfect angle for slicing. The large meaty end rests on the other end, where a small bracket keeps it in place. The Jamonera is meant to be accompanied by a Jamonero, a long slender blade that is ultra-sharp and flexible, ideal for carving the Jamon. Once mounted, the Jamon is left on its Jamonera and stored at room temperature simply covered with a cloth to prevent excessive moisture loss.

Fun Fact: The slicing of cured Spanish Iberian ham is taken so seriously that in Castille, there are competitions held to determine the best Jamon slicer in the country.

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Smoked/Cured Meats: Accessories
Origin: Spain

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