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Emperior American Caviar Gift Set

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This gift set includes:
  • 1 oz, glass jar, Emperior American White Sturgeon Caviar - Malossol
  • 1 oz, glass jar, Emperior American Hackleback Caviar - Malossol
  • 1 oz, glass jar, Emperior American Paddlefish Caviar - Malossol
  • 36 piece pack, Mini Blini - Hand Made
  • 8.0 oz, Creme Fraiche
  • 3 x 7 cm spoon, Small Mother of Pearl Caviar Serving Spoon
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Emperior American Caviar Gift Set

All three of America’s best caviars are on display for your dining pleasure in this Emperior caviar gift set. Including three single-ounce jars of Hackleback, Paddlefish, and White Sturgeon, you’ll get the opportunity to savor and compare each of them in turn. A delightful range of hand-selected roes accompanied by the classic blini and creme fraiche. And to ensure your caviar eating experience is all that it should be, three mother of pearl serving spoons.

A tasty introduction to those new to the world of caviar, try all three of our favorite American caviars in one delicious sitting! Or, for those who love caviar so much they can’t choose a favorite, present them with a luxurious assortment to savor.

Hackleback Caviar

The smallest member of the Sturgeon family, the Hackleback, produces a tiny roe. These black pearls, though small in size, offer big flavor. Often compared to the Caspian Sea Sevruga Sturgeon, it is known for its sweet buttery flavor profile and pleasant nutty finish.

Paddlefish Caviar

Paddlefish have medium to large grains and range in color from pale golden to dark gray. Their taste is more complex and boasts notes of earthy flavor distinguished by a silky, luxurious texture.

White Sturgeon Caviar

The distinctive roe of the Acipenser species of fish has made it a favorite among chefs and gourmands. Ranging in hue from light to dark brown, White Sturgeon is most often compared to its namesake, the classic Caspian Sea Osetra Sturgeon. With the same nutty notes of flavor and buttery finish, you’ll love the luxurious qualities of this American caviar.

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Types of Caviar Sets: Caviar Entertaining Sets
Brand: Emperior Caviar
Included Caviar: White Sturgeon, Hackleback, Paddlefish

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