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Anchovy Fillet in Sunflower Oil

from Spain by El Capricho
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1 tin - 1.7 oz room temp $15.91 $15.91
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Anchovy Fillet in Sunflower Oil

A simple combination of truly spectacular ingredients is the motto when it comes to El Capricho’s tinned anchovies. With an eye towards detail, El Capricho creates some of the finest canned seafood in the world. Prized by chefs and home cooks alike for their funky briny taste, anchovies can enhance so many dishes with their intense umami flavors.

Because of their unparalleled size and flavor, a single breed of anchovy known as the Engraulis Encrasicolus is used in all El Capricho's anchovy products. The tiny fish are harvested off the coast of Cantabria, in Spain, and salted the very same day they are caught. Within 24 hours, they go from the sea to the processors where they are hand-filleted, skinned, and neatly trimmed, before being salted and packed away for the next 12-18 months. This process of salt-curing gives the fish time to develop deep and complex flavors and for their texture to become slightly firm and consistent throughout. An entire year later, they are finally transferred to tins and sent out onto the market.

To retain their structural integrity and singular texture, El Capricho does not heat treat their sardines. This means they are not shelf-stable and must be kept at refrigeration temperatures. If kept cold, however, they easily last up to 18 months.

Suspended in sunflower oil with just a touch of salt to intensify the flavors, El Capricho’s Spanish anchovies are unrivaled in flavor and texture. Versatile and delicious, add them to sauces and dressings for a piquant boost of flavor, delicious with vegetables, chicken, or lamb, these anchovies easily add savory umami taste to whatever dish you’re making. A great addition to pizzas, sandwiches, and salads, a good anchovy improves any recipe. Try them today and taste the difference one tiny fish can make!

Ingredients: Anchovies, high oleic sunflower oil, salt.
Storage: Keep in cool, between 5-10 °C. Keep in the refrigerator and use within 3 days of opening.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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