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Gellan Gum - Low Acyl

from France by Cuisine Tech
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Gellan Gum - Low Acyl

Gellan Gum is used to create gels, stabilize ingredients, add texture and create films. These varied properties make Gellan Gum the popular choice among chefs wanting to push the boundaries of their dishes and create foods with new and interesting textures.

What is Gellan Gum, and Where Did it Come From?

It’s hard to find an origin story more humble than that of Gellan Gum. Originally found on a lily pad in a pond in Pennsylvania, Gellan Gum eventually came to be recognized as the versatile and borderline-magical ingredient it is considered today. Another variety of hydrocolloid, Gellan Gum, is produced from the fermentation of a microoganism known as Sphingomonas elodea. A low acyl gelling agent, it can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients to produce a breathtaking range of textures.

Boasting excellent flavor release, Gellan Gum absorbs flavors beautifully, relaying them to a recipe and allowing the tastes they are combined with to shine their brightest. It also such a powerful and reliable item that you only require a small quantity to gel ingredients. Meaning a little goes a long way, so there’s never any fear of flavors being lost or off tastes being imbued. This characteristic also makes it a great investment, saving you both time and money in the kitchen!

Ingredients: Sucrose, food grade gellan gum, sodium citrate.
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Questions and Answers

Q:What is gellan gum?
A:It’s a food additive that’s commonly used as stabilizer, gelling agent, and texturizer for many processed foods, and typically used a substitute for gelatin and agar agar. You’ll find it used in jams, candy, and many desserts, contributing to a creamy texture and jelly-like consistency.
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