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Citrus Pectin

from United States by Cuisine Tech
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Citrus Pectin

Cuisine Tech’s Thermo Reversible Citrus Pectin is low-methoxyl Pectin derived from citrus fruits. While classic (high-methoxyl) Pectin requires a large amount of sugar, Citrus Pectin only needs the smallest amount to gel. Excellent for creating low sugar glazes and jellies, you’ll love the excellent results you can achieve with this Citrus Pectin!

What is Pectin?

The secret to beautifully gelled jams, preserves, tarts, and more; Pectin plays an integral part in the kitchen, especially that of the pastry chef. Consisting of long chains of polysaccharide molecules that bond together to form a gummy paste: Pectin can be thought of as the glue of the plant world. The amount of Pectin in a fruit depends on the variety and the ripeness of the fruit. An easy rule of thumb is that firm fruits (apples, pears, etc.) offer high amounts of Pectin, while softer fruits (berries and the like) offer considerably less.

There are two distinct varieties of Pectin low-methoxyl Pectin and high-methoxyl Pectin. High-methoxyl Pectin is the form of Pectin traditionally used for canning. It requires a large amount of sugar to gel and is very sensitive to acidity. Low-methoxyl Pectin, in contrast, requires a very small amount of sugar to gel and has become popular within the food industry to create low sugar jams and jellies.

Ingredients: Low methylester, amidated pectin derived from citrus fruits and standardized with calcium citrate, polyphosphate and dextrose.
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Questions and Answers

Q:What is pectin?
A:Pectin is a gelling and thickening ingredient that's commonly used for jams, preserves and gummy candies, to achieve that jelly-like consistency. It's a natural starch found in fruits and veggies but is now produced industrially for the food industry.
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