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Agar Agar

from France by Cuisine Tech
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Agar Agar

Known within the culinary community simply as Agar, Agar Agar is a favorite plant-based gelatin thanks to its reliability, ease of use, and firm finish. Derived from seaweed, specifically an extraction of red algae, this powdered gelatin is excellent for everything from thickening and stabilizing to fully setting your recipes. Versatile and arguably even more reliable than traditional animal-based gels, you’ll love how well this gelling agent stands up to a wide range of temperatures.

How to Use Agar Agar

If you’ve never used Agar in your cooking before, there are a few rules of thumb that will prove helpful to you. In contrast to animal gelatine, Agar needs to be boiled in order to set. With a melting point of 185F, be sure it reaches temperature in order to achieve proper setting. Working quickly, you’ll find Agar sets faster than gelatin and does not require refrigeration, another benefit many caterers find especially attractive.

Ingredients: 100 mesh Gracalaria Agar
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Questions and Answers

Q:What is agar agar?
A:Agar agar is a tasteless and odorless food additive derived from seaweed that’s used as a gelling agent. It’s a vegetarian and vegan alternative to gelatin, and perfect thickening mousses and jellies, ice creams, gummy candy, and other foods. It sets more firmly than gelatin.
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