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Premium Roasted Pistachios - Finely Salted

Premium Roasted Pistachios - Finely Salted

from Turkey by Aznut
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Premium Roasted Pistachios - Finely Salted

Aznut’s roasted and salted Turkish pistachios are unparalleled in flavor and texture. Smaller than the Californian variety sold in most stores, Turkish pistachios boast a richer and more intense flavor. Nut connoisseurs around the world, herald the Turkish variety of pistachio as the finest in its class. Roasted and lightly salted, Aznut’s pistachios are imported from the best purveyors in Turkey. From the trees to your door, special care is given to every detail of growing, harvesting, and packaging these nuts, ensuring that you always receive the very best every time!

When it comes to taste, even in nuts, it’s all about terroir. Just as a wine develops flavor notes dependent on the soil it’s planted in and the climate surrounding it, nuts also pick up flavors and attributes based on their environment. Thanks to Turkey’s climate with its hot dry summers and mild wet winters, it’s the perfect environment for the growth and development of flavor in pistachios. With a complex, almost citrusy tang, Turkish pistachios possess an unbelievably bright color making them ideal for baking and cooking. Their deep flavor pairs beautifully with semisweet or bittersweet chocolate for an attractive pistachio bark or tart. Grind them up for a rich baklava or add them to your cakes and cookie dough for a pleasant crunch and burst of flavor.

With their amazing taste, wonderful texture and crunch, and a long list of health benefits, pistachios truly have it all. Try our delicious Turkish pistachios today for a refreshing snack or a flavorful addition to your next recipe!

Ingredients: Pistachios, salt
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